We are the Branches – A family worship resource


Welcome to “We are the Branches”, a website meant to be a resource for you and your family to help you learn about having a family worship time or to help you with your existing family worship time.  It is also meant to be a place to share resources and give encouragement. Why? The reason we wanted to begin this blog is because having a daily family worship time has been such an amazing life-altering blessing, and we desire that same blessing for everyone we know and don’t know!  God has shown us how faithful He is when we trust in Him and allow His Word to be active in our hearts and in the heart of our child.

What exactly is family worship?   “Family worship is simply coming together as a family and worshiping God in the home. In the same way we come together for a time of corporate worship in the church, we also come together in the home for a time of family worship that involves prayer, reading Scripture, and singing songs.”  If that sounds intimidating don’t worry, it’s simple.  If we can do it, you can do it.  Read more on how on the What is Family Worship page.

Why is it important?  “If every family in every church got serious about making disciples in the home, it would change our world.”  (Taken from A Quick Guide to Family Worship by Winfield Bevins)  It is a wonderful way to bring the gospel back into the home!  In A Simple Guide to Family Worship the benefits are discussed.  “Family worship brings glory to God…Family worship produces joy in the home…Family worship effects change in the world…Taking the longer view, think about the incredible value of family worship in the lives of children once they are grown. They’ve heard hundreds of passages read and explained, seen God answer countless prayers, sang so many songs of the faith, and memorized more Scripture than many Christians do in a lifetime. This is a foundation that will stand the test of time and will bear gospel fruit in generations to come.”

May it be so!

There are resources for use during family worship and resources about family worship on this website. There are great things out there for our use, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on knowing about them.   Please share what you enjoy and we will put it here for others to see as well.  Let’s not keep it to ourselves!

Jonathan Edwards put it very wisely,Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church.”  This time together rooted in the vine can give growth as individuals and families as we become closer to one another and bring glory to our mighty God.  Lord willing, our families will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God!  Grow branches, grow!

-Chris, Heather, & Gracie-